Free Download: Create a Marketing Automation Suite with Free Tools

DIY Your Own Powerful Marketing Automation Tool! This guide walks you through all the steps you need to take to turn Mailchimp and Hubspot CRM into a powerful resource to grow your business.


The ONLY free guide that helps you understand everything you need to know about setting up your own email marketing and CRM tool.

This comprehensive free guide is the only one available that will help you DIY your very own email marketing automation and CRM tool built entirely from free tools.

The more important features for a small business:

- Collect prospect data via forms
- Automate nurturing emails to those prospects
- Store prospects in a CRM for optimizing sales funnels

So from very small organizations (I’ve implemented this easily with 1-2 person companies) to medium organizations with limited budget and limited experience this is actually a really good solution. It gives you the basics of a marketing automation platform and is easy to learn.

You'll Get:

- A free CRM that is actually really good for both sales and marketing
- An email tool that is as good as the pro tools
- Automation that is just limited enough to make it easy
- Forms to collect your leads
- Flexibility in terms of customized properties and values that your internal team might require
- Real time web tracking
- Reporting for you to understand what’s going on
- And it’s all free, if you’re smart and careful about the whole thing

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About NorthIQ

NorthIQ is a digital marketing company that specializes in generating opportunities for your sales team that close higher than anything you’re currently doing. We use an approach that integrates content marketing, email marketing, paid media, web design & first class back-end infrastructure into one strategy to drive our clients business forward.

Using our exclusive 3i methodology NorthIQ builds a lead database of interested prospects, mines and nurtures it to uncover potential buyers, and converts those to high quality sales opportunities.

Growing a business is hard. You want to grow your business but the digital partners you’ve worked with never deliver on their promises. Precious dollars and time get wasted.