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Double, Triple, or even Quadruple your sales ready leads in the next 12 months

A powerful lead generation program that turns web visitors into qualified opportunities for your sales team

NorthIQ has proven success in doubling...and yes quadrupling the lead output of current websites for Home Builders specifically. Our leads are also much more qualified, so you’re not left chasing down tire kickers.

Convert as much as
 400% more web
 visitors into leads

Make your new leads 
love your homes
 with valuable email content

Mine your leads to find
 only the most engaged 
potential buyers

Alert sales in real-time
 when your leads
 are ready to talk

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Our Customers Generate More Leads on Their Website

...Ludicrously More

The Program is Always Running, Helping You Sell More




Custom Home Builder conversion focused website redesign

Woodhouse needed to revamp their website to generate leads, improve their regional presence online, and create a nurturing system for leads.

NorthIQ built a new website presence for Woodhouse, improving their online marketing efforts, and delivering an interactive home buying experience that starts with a floor plan, and ends in an interactive budget calculator which helps the end users understand the process, while providing the sales team with valuable insight into a prospect's mindset.


Increase in top-of-the-funnel leads in first month.


Increase in sales leads across a 12 month period.


Increase in the average session duration.


Conversion rate across all visitors to their site.


Sales for 2018, which sales management attributes to the lead generation system.

Engage your web visitors

Average of 4 pages per session with 3 1/2 minute duration.

Higher Close Rates

Lead nurturing campaigns resulted in sales ready leads that were delivered to sales team and which resulted in dramatic close rates.


Timber Block Engineered Homes

This new website was incredibly easy to update, which increased the frequency of updates, and allowed the marketing team to take control of more of their website than ever before. 

The tiered conversion paths resulted in a 357% increase in leads over the first year and would result in the need for a comprehensive lead nurturing program (which we provided as a follow up project).

All of this has led to an increase in revenue for Timber Block.


More new leads in the first 12 months.

More homes sold in 2018 than any other year.

Email nurturing campaigns and newsletter campaigns that re-engaged stale leads.

Marketing/Sales alignment program (led by NorthIQ) increased close rates.

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