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The NorthIQ Free Marketing Automation

Smaller businesses... well really any business at all that looks at the costs of marketing automation tools and throws up in their mouth can benefit from a super cheap (~free) solution that NorthIQ has developed that has the most important bells, without all the complicated whistles that you’ll never use anyway. 

The more important features for a small business:

  • Collect prospect data via forms
  • Automate nurturing emails to those prospects
  • Store prospects in a CRM for optimizing sales funnels

So from very small organizations (I’ve implemented this easily with 1-2 person companies) to medium organizations with limited budget and limited experience this is actually a really good solution. It gives you the basics of a marketing automation platform and is easy to learn. 

You'll Get:

  • A free CRM that is actually really good for both sales and marketing
  • An email tool that is as good as the pro tools
  • Automation that is just limited enough to make it easy
  • Forms to collect your leads
  • Flexibility in terms of customized properties and values that your internal team might require
  • Real time web tracking
  • Reporting for you to understand what’s going on
  • And it’s all free, if you’re smart and careful about the whole thing.

You won't get:

  • Extremely detailed workflow capabilities
    • Advanced behavioural based triggers
    • A Content Strategy
    • Large Database Support
    • An all-in-one tool
    • Support

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